Making Some Changes

At this time, I will no longer be holding bi-weekly classes at Hobby Lobby. The busyness of life seems to be getting in the way of  my scheduling classes at set times, especially when doing it several months in advance. With a dozen grandchildren, all who live out of town, I find myself constantly juggling classes and important family events, which are inevitably on weekends. I’ve also been traveling more, pursuing new interests, and of course continue to be very involved with the Zentangle world.    It makes life a little crazy!

However, while I won’t be holding scheduled classes at Hobby Lobby, I will be available to teach a selection of classes on an individual basis when time permits. If you’re interested please click “Classes” on the menu selection above for more details.

About Kathy

Since retiring last year, I'm enjoying more time with family and friends. I'm also finding new interests. I was introduced to Zentangle this past August and it has brought me a new sense of creativity. I find it to be very relaxing.
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1 Response to Making Some Changes

  1. m00nlady says:

    Hi Kathy, I received an email from Tangle Patterns this week and saw your lovely new pattern Cathedral. Very nice! I’ve had fun playing with it. Congratulations!
    My only trouble was making the corners work. Yikes! I just couldn’t make them match up to my satisfaction. Sooo, in the spirit of Zentangle I decided to try it another way. 😄 I was going to try and post a picture of my option so you could see it but I can’t figure out how to attach a photo to this comment section.
    If you’d like to see it email me at cindy at bowles dot us and I’ll send you a pic. Have a great day and keep on tangling! cindy b. CZT14


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